25 March 2018

This morning we will remember Jesus Triumphal Entry into Jerusalem as we think of the ‘Uncrowned King’ Our order of Service and Intimations will be:

Introit & Welcome
Hymn 365 Ride on the on in majesty
Children’s Address
Prayer & Lord’s Prayer
Hymn 367 Hosanna Loud hosanna
Prayer of Approach
Offering & Dedication
Scripture Reading: Luke 19 v28-46
Prayer of Intercession
Hymn 2 O righteous Lord who set me right
Address: ‘The Uncrowned King’
Hymn 549 How deep the Father’s love for us
Benediction & Threefold Amen

  1. We encourage everyone to attend the Holy Week Services so there will be no meeting for Bible Study and Prayer this Wednesday.
  2. Our Annual Stated Meeting will follow worship this morning, please stay behind to review the past year with us; consequently there will be no tea or coffee after the service this morning.
  3. The Guild meets on Wednesday 28th March at 2 p.m. when Andrew McKendry will speak about the Jewish Passover. All are welcome!