Sunday 29 January 2017

This morning we resume our studies in the miracles in John’s Gospel. Our Order of Service and Intimations will be:


Call to Worship

Hymn 438 The head that once was crowned


Children’s Time

Prayer and Lord’s Prayer

Hymn 189 Be still for the presence of the Lord

Prayer of Approach


Offering / Dedication

Scripture Reading: John 4 v43—54 p1068

Prayer of Intercession

Hymn 686 How happy are all who hear

Address: ‘He Believed and Went’

Hymn 160 Praise my soul the King of heaven

Benediction / Sung Amen

  1. We meet for Bible Study & Prayer on Wednesday at 7.30pm.
  2. The Kirk Session will meet on Tuesday 7 February at 7.30pm.
  3. Our congregational magazine, The Herald, is available this morning.
  4. The new copies of the free daily readings booklets “Word for Today” and “Word 4 U Today” are now available in the magazine racks in the passageways outside both hall doors, and in the vestibule.
  5. Lodging House Mission: The annual Homeless Service will take place in: Lodging House Mission, 35 East Campbell Street, G1 5DT on tonight at 6:30pm. The service will be led by Right Rev Dr Russell Barr, Moderator of the General Assembly. Everyone is welcome.
  6. Rev Jean de Villiers is looking forward to beginning his time of ‘familiarisation’ in BVP on the 1 February; we look forward to meeting Jean and learning from him in the months to come.
  7. Local Church Review: Thank you to everyone who has participated in the LCR. A draft report has been prepared and will be discussed at the next Session Meeting.