Sunday 5 June

At our Evening Service we will be joined by the congregations of Broomhill and Jordanhill to celebrate the Lord’s Supper together. We would encourage everyone to come along to this service. In the morning we continue our studies in Romans 4 our theme this morning being Assurance. Our Order of Service will be:

Call toWorship
Hymn 104 TheLord of heaven confess
Prayer /Lord’s Prayer
Hymn 516 Weare marching in the sight of God
Prayer ofApproach
Offering /Dedication
ScriptureReading: Romans 4 v13-25 p1131
Prayer ofIntercession
Hymn 202Stand up and bless the Lord
Sermon:  ‘Certain Sure’
Hymn 549 Howdeep the Father’s love for us
Benediction/ Sung Amen