Sunday 9 October

This morning we welcome John Goddard to the Kirk Session and dedicate the Guild as they begin a new session.

Way back in July I laid before the congregation my views on schism at this time of dispute and division within our denomination. I do not ask you to agree with me; just to try and understand whre I am coming from. Continue reading

Sunday 25 September

This moring we continue with our studies in Matthew Gospel and will consider the story of Jesus calming the storm from three perspectives to build a picture of knowing the peace of God which passes all understanding.
Last week we learned that discipleship begins not with us and our gifts and dedication but with knowing the hhelaing touch of Jesus.

Matthew 8 v14-22 – ‘Healed to Serve’ Continue reading

Sunday 18 September

A normal Sunday in BVP when we continue with our studies in Matthew’s Gospel. I have decided to rearrange the pages on the blog. I have moved Order of Service to where the Sermons were and am putting the sermons on the first page because the blog then keeps back issues as it were.

On Sunday 11 September we considered the Centurion of great faith …

Matthew 8 v5-13

‘Amazing Faith’ Continue reading