Sunday 22 December 2012

This morning we have our traditional service of Nine Lessons and Carols, but with the added delight of baptising Paul and Katie Teale’s son Rory. We will also be making a presentation to Robert Wallace to mark his service as Property Convener and Church Officer.

Choir Carol of Good News  
  Welcome & Intimations Derek Robertson
Hymn 283 The voice of God goes out  
  Prayers & Lord’s Prayer Campbell Mackinnon
Lesson 1 Genesis 3 v1—5 Robert Belmore
Hymn 631 A Little child the Saviour came  
  Sacrament of Baptism  
Hymn 312 Away in a Manger Choir & Congregation
Lesson 2 Isaiah 7 v10—14; 9 v2, 6—7 Campbell Joss
Lesson 3 Micah 5 v2—5 Christine McTaggart
Choir Candlelight Carol; People look east  
Lesson 4 Luke 1 v26—28 Maggie Paisley
Hymn 322 Good Christians all rejoice  
Lesson 5 Luke 1 v46—56 David Hay
Choir A child is born; Sans Day Carol  
Lesson 6 Matthew 1 v18—25 George Ross
Hymn 331 Unto us a boy is born  
Lesson 7 Luke 2 v1—7 Colin Murray
Lesson 8 Luke 2 8—16 Janice Glass
Hymn 296 While humble shepherds  
  Offering / Dedication / Intercession Fiona Hay
  Presentation to Robert Wallace Campbell Mackinnon
Lesson 9 John 1 v1—14 Neil Francis
Hymn 306 O come all ye faithful  
  Benediction & Threefold Amen