Sunday 14 October 2012

This morning we resume our studies in Hebrews 1 where we simply want to enjoy the glory and wonder of who Christ is. Our Order of Service will be:

Introit, Welcome and Call to Worship

Hymn  127 O worship the King


Children’s Address: ‘Strange Things’

Children’s Prayer / Lord’s Prayer

Hymn  251 I the Lord of sea and sky

Prayer of Approach


Offering / Dedication

Scripture Reading: Hebrews 1 v1—14 p 1201


Prayer of Intercession

Hymn 716 Come and find the quiet centre

Sermon:  ‘The Heir of All’

Hymn  459 Crown Him with many crowns

Benediction / Sung Amen


Sunday 7 October

This morning we have our Harvest Thanksgiving Service; this will be a simple service for the children to enjoy. In the evening we resume our Evening Services with the first in a series of studies in Paul’s prayer in Ephesians 1.

Introit and call to Worship

Hymn For the fruits of all creation

Children’s Prayer and Lord’s Prayer

Children’s Talk

Hymn God whose farm is all creation


Offering and Dedication

Scripture Reading: Psalm 19 v1—14 P 552 (Mrs Anne Nelson)

Guild Dedication (Guild stand for Prayer)

Hymn Inspire us Lord (The Londonderry Air)


Hymn In Christ alone

Benediction / Threefold Amen